Have a particular teammate in class you’re hoping to roll with? Don’t wait on the sidelines until that someone is open to roll, roll until that someone is open!


If you miss them today, at least you got the rolls in the meantime that will make the target roll with them more interesting when you do get to them. Better to keep missing your target roll because you’ve rolled with 5 others than to wait in anticipation without rolling. Better to roll in the moment with whoever you can, while keeping an eye out for your target.


Miss today’s target teammate? We still get the preparatory rolls. Although we certainly get different looks from all rolls and some better experience with some over others, it’s still better to get the other rolls in rather than wait for that target teammate. Don’t catch our breath waiting while watching our partner getting better rolling. Get better rolling as we wait for our partner.


Hit the target? Got the rolls.

Missed the target? Got the rolls.