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Neutral Ground Academy Children

Our kids program is a grappling based self defense system. Safety, fun, character building, and technical development is our focus, in that order. We do this through the principles of Brazilian Jiujitsu, fostering a relaxed but disciplined, laid back atmosphere that nurtures learning and comradery within their groups.




Neutral Ground Academy Adults

Neutral Ground’s Brazilian Jiujitsu is a technically aggressive style, utilizing technique over strength, explosion, flexibility or stature. We rely heavily on time tested fundamentals, allowing us to safely experiment with the ever-changing innovations and adaptations that give Brazilian Jiujitsu it’s strength.





Neutral Ground Academy Yoga

Yoga is the workout you never knew you needed. This age-old practice incorporates physical fitness, breathing exercises, stretching, and meditation to create a discipline that is like no other. Yoga is bound to improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and mentality. What’s not to love?

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