A reminder to consciously shake off our heavy but unnecessary baggage, emptying our cup for our learning and our team.


We take that walk or drive around the block if needed, even if it will make us late to class. Shake that last toxic convo from our headspace. Jump in the shower quick, hit the mouthwash or deodorant. Whatever it takes to bring our best self (in that moment) to the academy, literally or figuratively. We bring the best we can muster this day, leaving the smell of our 2 martini lunch, last puffs of cigs or weed, our industrial workplace, spicy lunch or spicy body funk outside the academy.


We protect the team with a clean and untattered uniform, removing our jewelry and cutting our nails, training with clean intentions and mindful movement. Arriving clean on the surface, we’re better able to work with the team under the surface. We’re careful to remove our external distractions to better help us focus on our internal challenges on the mat. We leave that still hot argument or work stress to cool in the car.


We check what’s holding us down or distracting ourselves or others. We bring the clean mind and gi, focused and helpful. In a crowded academy, we’re mindful of what WE bring each moment.