Neutral Ground Academy Rules & Etiquette

Neutral Ground Academy Neutral Ground Academy Rules & Etiquette
  1. No shoes on the mat
  2. Wear shoes/sandals when off the mat (only leave
    the mats barefoot if you’re done for the day, hippie)
  3. Clean up after yourself
    1. Put equipment away
    2. Return first-aid/tape to it’s place
    3. Leave with what you brought or find it in lost
      and found until we donate it
    4. Keep trash in the trash, duh.
    5. If you spill biohazard, clean it up immediately
      with sanitizer or bleach spray.
  4. Get it in the toilet (if not, clean it up dummy)
  5. Turn off lights/heat/fans/music/open sign/TIMER when
    you’re the last to leave
Neutral Ground Academy Neutral Ground Academy Rules & Etiquette
  1. Watch your skin, as with any contact sport, there’s a
    risk of skin infection, check it often. Keep wounds clean
    and covered and watch them carefully for change, if you
    think you might be sick, get it looked at and stay the f**k
    off the mats until resolved.
  2. If you’re sick, protect the team and stay home!
  3. Listen to your body, find that sweet spot between
    being a wuss with bumps and bruises and overtraining
    on a real injury.
  4. Your words matter: off the cuff, joking, within earshot of
    others or otherwise. Be mindful to find the balance
    between joking around and being hurtful. We certainly
    don’t walk on eggshells, but must be respectful, use
  5. Respect the Academy, your training partners, actions,
    words and your thoughts. (this is our blanket rule that
    covers all other incidence that would make you an

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