Finding that balance between polishing what we “know” and exploring what we don’t.Polishing the rocks we have in our arsenal, and breaking off new chunks.

What is it that we do without thinking, that we literally can’t even explain the steps of execution to. And what do we know we should be exploring but aren’t?

Our “go-tos” are never polished enough, so we continue that work. BUT we also need more looks and relooks to test; adding, subtracting and modifying as we do.

Should we start our rolls with the new challenges, and finish class with our go-tos? Or flip that, start with our comfort and amp up to the new material to finish class? Or sandwich the new material between bookends of comfort? Or full-on classes, weeks or a season preferring one or the other?

On and off the mats, we need the comfort of reliable fallbacks, and courage to do the work of new challenges.