Any technique is just one of many ways to achieve a higher order objective.


When learning new techniques we need to be mindful of what these objectives are and how they’re being met, not just the technical details making it happen. Often we get fixated on the details of the specific technique but forget why and when to employ it! As we learn more and more techniques we should remain aware of which objective each technique addresses.


Understanding our objectives helps us batch and compartmentalize techs into finer categories to meet smaller windows of opportunity. We can then handle the smallest differences in micro adjustments to meet the same objective with more efficiency.


All the trendiest new-age techniques are alternative ways to achieve these basic conceptual objectives, each from just much more specific and narrower starting positions and assumptions. Knowing the objectives behind techniques early on in our journey helps us take on any newer versions with better clarity, and helps us use the right tool for the job when the opportunity presents.


Next time you see a new technique? Objective over technique.