In another world, our schedule would clear up and commitments would back off, we’d already be in ideal shape and have the encouragement of friends and family. We know we shouldn’t wait for all this to align but we catch ourselves waiting for the “perfect” opportunity and preparedness to attack something.


Waiting for doors of opportunity have their place, and patience is a virtue. But procrastination can disguise itself as patience as well. Sometimes we use less than ideal situations to keep putting things off.

“I’ll wait til i can train 5xweek to start”

“Once i lose 20lbs i’ll join a gym or academy”

“I’ll compete once i’m better at BJJ”

“Overtime this week, can’t make my (usual) classes”

“Didn’t get a chance to do laundry”

“My carpool buddy canceled”

“My favorite drilling partner can’t make it tonight”

“I’ll get back to the gym on the 1st, a fresh start”

We all know that we need to adjust along the way, but a huge part of success in BJJ is actively removing our reasons not to start, or to make the most of our training once we do. Building our arsenal of weapons to combat the obstacles is key. Obstacles to starting initially, and obstacles along our path once we’re well on it.

Know the schedule and locational options, acquire a backup gi, insist on our personal jumpstart before the 1st of the month or year, or before our schedule allows a perfect routine.

Not every pre-planned obstacle navigation will work, but just having the plans sets us up for better chances of success, and for rebounds when they fail. More chances = more victories. Each victory seemingly small, adding up to to big wins over time, and contributing to longevity in the game, the truest indicator of success in Jiujitsu.