Come to class with a clean gi. Obviously no-gi gear as well. Besides the respect it shows to your training partners, it also symbolizes your wish to gain knowledge. This physically manifests through sweat, from yourself and of your partners. Like an empty cup, let the sweat and knowledge fill your empty gi, not compete against whatever funk initially resides there.

Whenever possible, come to class with a matching and unwrinkled gi. Nothing screams a dishevelled mind more than blue wrinkled pants and white piss-stained and torn gi top, with a loner belt. Life happens, laundry day, theft, still building and adjusting to the routine, and just overall shitty days that make you lucky to be there at all. But the further along the journey the less this should be, as you’ve learned to control most of the factors that would make you look like a tool/douche.

Here are the minimums by belt rank.

These are the MINIMUMS!
White belt tip: You must wash your gi after EVERY use. Your Jiujitsu is seldom cleaner than your gi. Smell test doesn’t cut it 🙂

Blue belt tip: You must know how to tie your belt by now. Don’t be the wanker pulling up and down to tighten or looking like you tied a shoe.

Purple belt tip: There’s no reason to have mismatched top and bottoms, or wearing shorts on gi days. In no-gi, it should be habit by now to not wear loose basketball shorts and oversized t-shirts. Terrible look and dangerous to roll in.

Brown belt tip: Help people falling short, use tact and take them under our wing. If you’re not sure how to help, leading by example is a solid start.

Black belt tip: You should be the sharpest looking fools in the academy. When you are, it changes everything, shows your intention, how you value the art and your classmates. Even your speech becomes cleaner and more professional.

Pro tip: Don’t settle for the minimum, these are easy but important, from common courtesy and safety to spiritual symbolism.

Respect your gi like a good spirit respects the body carrying it. Your body carries your spirit, your gi carries your body.