Jiujitsu is painless, technical, and flowing. That is a beauty of Jiujitsu.

It can be done by all walks of life, with anybody, regardless of stature, and without pain.

A jiujitsu technician can go from training with a power lifter to a child, small-framed lady,  and an old man, without skipping a beat, and without a break to change gears between them. It is formless and always finds the easiest flow, whether you can follow it or not.

Nobody is perfect, however, and through our imperfections, we ALL get hurt, but the pursuit of the painless, technical, and flowing beauty of Jiujitsu is our mission.

To “fail” pursuing the path of least resistance is divine and constantly evolving. To “succeed” smashing your way through limbs, nose and teeth, is temporary and weak. Avoid the urgent, cheap thrill of temporary “success”. Jiujitsu doesn’t hurt, but the lack of its mastery can.