Josh Janis


I walked into my first MMA class in September of 2000 as a freshman in college. While my journey had some rather large gaps I am proud of the 16 years cumulative I have been actively learning BJJ. I have spent since 2006 under the tutelage of Jon Friedland here at Neutral Ground.

I earned my Black belt in February of 2021 but am even more proud of the fact that Jon has trusted me to be one of the coaches at Neutral Ground since 2012. As I develop the craft of coaching, I have had great opportunities to coach all over the US and even outside of it. I recently got added to the BJJ Globetrotters roster and will be traveling with their camps around the world!

It may be the Jiu Jitsu that gets you in the door here at NG but it is the open and nonjudgmental environment of friends that will keep you coming back. As a corporate culture consultant for MyOdisee (, I am uniquely positioned to appreciate the wonderful home feel that Jon has cultivated. It is truly amazing.

Here are a few facts about me: I do personal challenges throughout the year to avoid getting too comfortable. You can read about them at I have been an entrepreneur since I was 22. I have a wonderful girlfriend who also trains BJJ. I have a Chinese Crested dog named Apollo. I read a ton of books with my favorite being “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl. I measure how well I lived on “the frequency of love” daily. Quote to leave you with “No man is a failure who has friends” reach out at JoshuaJ_BJJ on Instagram if you know what that is from 🙂