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Women's Only Self-Defense Program

Neutral Ground Academy Next session starts <br> July 17th (Bayview) <br> and July 18th (Eastside)!


Neutral Ground’s Women’s Self Defense and Empowerment clinic is a 2 part workshop that is designed to introduce basic protection combatives based upon the four phases of stranger and nonstranger intrusions and attacks. The first part will focus on verbal and physical boundary setting, situational awareness, and reactions to initial approaches and grabs from stranding. Part two will show the importance of leverage and body mechanics when confronted with a situation that is brought to the ground. Everything shown is an accumulation of techniques that prioritize “getting home” safely and “reacting within reason” of self-defense.

Between parts 1 and 2 will be a drawing for raffle baskets that have compiled products and services by local businesses in support of the community – many of which are female-owned.

What to Expect

It is encouraged that all participants at least try the movements, but everything is arranged so that participants can take breaks whenever needed and practice at their comfort level. While having lessons on a serious matter, our objective is to make the class fun and inviting while also keeping its students feeling safe and respected in a nurturing environment. While we are practicing scenarios that are uncomfortable to prepare for, the benefits of the course are not only learning technical self-defense, but also gaining body awareness, confidence and reaction.

Photos From Our Last Women's Only Session

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