Adam Tellier

Kids BJJ Instructor

I have been training bjj with neutral ground since 2008. I love the sport and wanted to share it with my kids so I started to teach jiu jitsu to kids around 4 years ago. For me jiu jitsu can show a lot about a person especially yourself. Even if you don’t love the physical activity you can get a lot from the person battles you have with yourself trying to get better that can easily translate to your life off the Mats. I like teaching kids jiu jitsu but love watching them learn how to become stronger people and face problems big or small with a diffrent outlook. Other things about me are my awesome attributes like, funny hair cuts, toe socks, loved of unicorns and enjoying being myself even if some of it is weird. Nobody was made to be the same and I think the freedom of style in bjj lets you show some of who you are.