Cleaning the mats is the job of the instructor and ultimately the responsibility of the owner. If they delegate it to someone else, or someone volunteers to help, that’s great.

It’s not the responsibility of the students, but it is one of the more visual and obvious examples of the “how can i help?” drive needed to keep the hive buzzing. Others take someone under their wing, pick up someone else’s trash, hand them their belt, check on them after class. Some bomb the class with hugs or laughs. Answer questions, pour tea, come early, leave late, not leaving the compliment unsaid, whatever. Every bit of helpfulness, noticed or otherwise, counts toward the buzzing of the hive, and we are blessed to rock this strength at NG.

This pic is of our own black belt Jason Dewitt after his last day training at NG bayview. He took the mop from my hands after class and asked if he could please hit the mats one last time. I love this pic because it exemplifies Jason and the martial spirit, his quiet helpfulness and steadfast commitment to doing the right thing, never needing praise, and could give a f*uck about criticism.

Goes way beyond cleaning the mats, but i thought it was a perfect capture of how he’s been helping everyone at NG, thousands of us, in the open or behind closed doors, technically, professionally, and personally for 15 years. We’re gonna miss him on our mats and at our side, but we know he’s gonna crush Texas for us and prepare the landing zone for our visits. He WILL be back often, but for now we wish him a solid transition to cowboy hats and the death penalty.

Who doesn’t remember the first time someone helped them at NG, big or small?!