Like i said in my bio, I’ve been teaching full on Brazilian Jiujitsu classes for the better part of 20 years. You’d think i’d just have ideas flow off the tongue like others i’ve met but still, i’ve had some of my best teaching “ahah” moments not during formal instruction but actually anywhere but “in class”. Either in between classes, to individual or small groups,, or often times clarifying these concepts to myself only afterwards, on the walk home, in the shower, etc….usually in some form of analogy. this is my attempt to write down some of these thoughts for my own mental distillery. I’ve never been a good writer but hopefully i’ll make sense to at least myself and you also can pull something from it! and if i’m hesitant to post my thoughts for whatever reason, i’ll just spit it out anyway and edit along the way 🙂 And of course, i’m always open to clarify, debate, and change my mind. Your help and suggestions are VERY welcomed as i am anxious to learn from all.